Shatavari Tablet


30 tabs

Shatavari Tablet is a combination of Shatavari, Ashwagandha & jiwanti. Shatavari is obtained from the roots of the Asparagus racemosus tree. Shatavari is an absolute remedy for almost 100 types of health concerns: Be it regularising female hormonal balance, menopausal symptoms, preventing blood clots, maintaining a healthy heart, treating rheumatism, relieving depression, enhancing mood, and aiding weight loss.

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Helps to support female reproductive system
Helps to improve fertility
Helps to treat menstrual disorders
Helps to maintain normal hormone level
Helps to promote lactation
Helps to boost immunity
Helps to increase Energy in the body
Helps to treat common issues like Heartburn, Acidity, Stomach ulcers and Dysentery
Helps to purify the blood
Helps in flushing out toxins from body through urine
Rich in Anti-oxidant & Anti-Inflammatory properties

How to use:
Take one tablet twice a day after food or as directed by the physician.


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shatavari tabletShatavari Tablet
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