District wise famous food in Odisha

Odisha, located on the eastern coast of India, has a rich culinary tradition with a variety of unique dishes that vary from district to district. Here are some district-wise famous foods in Odisha:

Balangir : Chaula bara

odisha's famous street food
Chaula Bara

Chaula bara is a popular street food snack from the state of Odisha in eastern India. It is made from soaked and ground lentils, primarily urad dal, which is then mixed with various spices and seasonings to form a batter. The batter is then deep-fried in hot oil until it turns golden brown and crispy on the outside.

Chaula bara is usually served with a range of accompaniments, such as chutneys, sauces, and pickles, as well as chopped onions, green chilies, and coriander leaves. It is a popular breakfast or evening snack in Odisha and can be found in many street food stalls and restaurants.

Dahibara Aloodum

Cuttack: Dahibara Aloodum, Rassgola, Chaat, and Bara Ghuguni are some of the popular street foods in Cuttack.

Dahibara Aloodum is a popular street food dish from the state of Odisha in eastern India. It consists of two main components – “dahibara” and “aloodum.”

Dahibara is a type of fried lentil dumpling that is soaked in spiced yogurt, also known as “dahi” in Hindi. The lentils used to make the dumplings are typically a combination of urad dal and moong dal, which are soaked, ground into a paste, and then shaped into small balls before being fried until golden brown.

Aloodum, on the other hand, is a spicy potato curry made with boiled potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and a blend of spices such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, and chili powder.To make Dahibara Aloodum, the fried lentil dumplings are first soaked in spiced yogurt and then topped with a generous serving of the spicy potato curry. The dish is often garnished with finely chopped onions, coriander leaves, and a sprinkle of spices.

Dahibara Aloodum is a popular street food snack in Odisha and is especially popular during the hot summer months when the cool yogurt and spicy potato curry provide a refreshing and satisfying meal.

Rasagola (Rasgulla)

Rasagola, also known as Rasgulla, is a popular sweet dish from Salepur, cuttack, eastern Indian state of Odisha. It is made from chhena, a type of Indian cottage cheese, which is kneaded and rolled into small balls. The balls are then boiled in a syrup made from sugar and water until they become spongy and absorb the syrup.

Rasagola is usually served chilled and is a popular dessert during festivals and special occasions in Odisha and other parts of India. It is also widely available in sweet shops and restaurants across the country. Rasagola has been a subject of debate between Odisha and West Bengal over its origin, as both states claim to have invented the dish. In November 2021, the Geographical Indications Registry (GIR) recognized Odisha’s claim to the origin of Rasagola and granted it the Geographical Indication (GI) tag, which signifies its origin in Odisha.


Puri: Puri is famous for its temple cuisine, which includes Mahaprasad, a vegetarian feast offered to Lord Jagannath. Khaja, a crispy sweet dish, and Puri Malpua are other popular sweets in Puri.


Chhena Jhilli is a popular sweet dish from the state of Odisha in eastern India. It is similar to Rasgulla in terms of ingredients, but the preparation method is slightly different.

Chhena Jhilli
Chhena Jhilli

To make Chhena Jhilli, milk is first boiled and curdled to obtain chenna. The chenna is then kneaded with semolina and shaped into small cylindrical or oval shapes. These shapes are then deep-fried until they turn golden brown and crispy on the outside. Finally, they are soaked in a sugar syrup flavored with cardamom or saffron.

Chhena Jhilli is usually served cold and is a popular dessert in Odisha, especially during festivals and special occasions.

Bhubaneswar: Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Odisha, is famous for its authentic Odia cuisine. Pakhala, a dish made of fermented rice, and Chhena Poda, a sweet made of cottage cheese, are some of the popular dishes.

Korakhai is a traditional sweet dish from the state of Odisha in eastern India. It is made from grated coconut, jaggery (unrefined cane sugar), and rice flour, which are combined and shaped into small dumplings. These dumplings are then steamed until they are cooked through and have a slightly spongy texture.


Korakhai is usually served as a dessert and is popular during festivals and special occasions in Odisha. It has a unique flavor and aroma, thanks to the combination of coconut and jaggery, which are commonly used ingredients in many Odia sweet dishes. In addition to its delicious taste, Korakhai is also a healthy snack, as it is low in fat and contains natural sugars from the jaggery and coconut. It is a popular snack for children and adults alike and can be found in many sweet shops and food stalls across Odisha.

Baripada: Baripada is known for its street food, especially the Mudhi mansa.

Balasore: Balasore is known for its unique seafood dishes such as Chingudi Ghanta (Prawn Curry), Machha Bhaja (Fried Fish), and Chuna Machha (Lemon Fish).


Kendrapara/Kendrapada: Rasabali is a traditional sweet dish from the Indian state of Odisha in Kendrapada. It is made by frying flattened balls of chenna (cottage cheese) in ghee (clarified butter) until they turn golden brown, and then soaking them in thickened, sweetened milk flavored with cardamom and saffron. The dish is typically served chilled and is a popular dessert during festivals and special occasions in Odisha. Rasabali has a soft and creamy texture, and the sweetness of the milk is balanced by the slightly tangy taste of the chenna. The addition of cardamom and saffron gives it a delicious aroma and flavor. Rasabali is often served with other traditional Odia sweets like chhena poda, chhena gaja, and rasagolla.

Koraput: Koraput is famous for its tribal cuisine, and some of the popular dishes include Pakhala, Bamboo Shoot Curry, and Dhoonki Macha (Smoked Fish).


Keonjhar: Badi

“Badi” refers to a type of food commonly found in North India, particularly in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Badi is made from soaked and ground black gram lentils or chickpeas, which are then shaped into small balls or discs and dried in the sun.

Once dried, Badi can be stored for long periods of time and is a popular ingredient in many vegetarian dishes, particularly in curries and gravies. It is often rehydrated in water or fried before adding to a dish to give it a unique texture and flavor. Badi is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes, including aloo badi, baigan badi, and chana dal with badi. It is also a good source of protein and fiber, making it a nutritious addition to any meal.

Chhena Poda

Nayagarha: Chhena poda

Chhena poda is a delicious dessert from the Indian state of Odisha, made from chhena (cottage cheese) and sugar. The name “chhena poda” literally means “roasted cheese” in the Odia language. To make chhena poda, chhena is first prepared by curdling milk and then straining it through a cheesecloth. The chhena is then mixed with sugar and cardamom powder, and sometimes also with chopped nuts or raisins. The mixture is then baked in an oven until it turns golden brown and develops a slightly caramelized crust.

Chhena poda has a unique texture and flavor, with a soft and creamy center and a slightly crispy outer layer. The sweetness of the sugar is balanced by the mild tanginess of the chhena, and the cardamom adds a fragrant aroma to the dish. It is often served as a dessert during festivals and special occasions in Odisha and is a popular sweet dish in the region.

Bhadrak : Pallua Laddu

These are some of the district-wise famous foods in Odisha. However, there are many other unique dishes…

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